Theft & Robbery

Oklahoma Theft & Robbery AttorneyMr. Kelly Kerr is an Oklahoma Theft & Robbery Attorney expert in handling criminal law cases. Has a broad experience, proven track record and a former prosecutor that can aggressively defend your right. While our Firm’s central office is located in Jay, Oklahoma.

Mr. Kerr travels to courthouses throughout the state in order to represent his clients who have been accused of crimes. He has established relationships with prosecutors throughout the state to assist you in getting the best possible resolution for your case.

We defend a wide range of criminal offenses, including felony and misdemeanor charges. If you have been charged with a theft and robbery crime, call Oklahoma Theft & Robbery Attorney Kelly Kerr today.  Let me Hear From You and We Will Seek the Best Legal Strategy.

Legal Dictionary:

Theft is a criminal act that involves depriving a person of his property. The legal term theft is a very broad term in that it applies to a wide range of crimes, all of which consist of taking of someone’s property, with the intent of permanently depriving him of it. To explore this concept, consider the following theft definition.

Robbery is taking something of value, whether money or property, from someone through the use or threat of physical force is considered to be robbery. Robbery differs from the crime of burglary in that the victim must have suffered physical harm or the fear of being harmed. While most people think robbery is a crime committed by bank robbers and guys holding up convenience stores. The truth is that, under most states’ laws, an eighth-grader who threatens to beat up students who refuse to give him their lunch money is committing robbery. To explore this concept, consider the following robbery definition. Reference: