Domestic Violence

Oklahoma Domestic Violence AttorneyMr. Kelly Kerr is an Oklahoma Domestic Violence Attorney skilled in handling criminal law cases. While our Firm’s central office is located in Jay, Oklahoma, Mr. Kerr travels to courthouses throughout the state in order to represent his clients who have been accused of crimes. He has established relationships with prosecutors throughout the state to assist you in getting the best possible resolution for your case. Mr. Kerr’s extensive experience in handling criminal cases across the state translates into better results for his clients.

Being charged with a domestic violence offense in Oklahoma may be very embarrassing and frustrating. It is quite displeasing when somebody meddling in your personal life and getting concerned in your private disputes together with your significant other but don’t hesitate to Ask For A Consultation.

Legal Dictionary:

The term domestic violence refers to abusive behavior in any personal relationship that allows one partner to intimidate, or to gain power and control over the other. This is often thought of to occur between married spouses or in other intimate relationships but actually refers to any family relationship, or persons living in the same home.

Domestic violence includes physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse, as well as threats of violence or economic control. These are behaviors intended to intimidate, frighten, terrorize, humiliate, manipulate, coerce, blame, or injure someone. To explore this concept, consider the following domestic violence definition. Reference: